Dear Pitchfork Restaurant Patrons. We are the Spencer family. Our children are Ruby, Ethan and
Nikita; as well as Debs and myself, Matt. 

We're an Australian family that has spent nearly twenty years living and traveling through Africa, 
Central Asia and the Middle East, supporting business, families and communities in developing nations with medical services not dissimilar to what you would expect in Australia. 

We're the new proprietors of Pitchfork Restaurant and have an insatiable passion for fabulous food presented with creativity and enthusiasm in a beautiful setting. We're incredibly humbled by the work Craig and Kim have put in over many, many years, and honoured to be continuing to work with the Pitchfork team within this Peregian Beach culinary icon.

We'll endeavour to polish and promote this diamond, whilst remaining conscious of retaining the essence of this restaurant many value and hold dear. If you have a moment, we do look forward to meeting with you as you dine. Our intent is to put some further shine on The Pitchfork and grow our family in the Peregian Beach community. 

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What we are doing at Pitchfork Restaurant 
At Pitchfork we have implemented more safety measures to ensure that what we produce has taken every precaution possible 

- Extra sanitizing
- Contactless, pay by card over the phone , or tap when you get there 
- Takeaway until the 16th of May and then dine in for 10 people and takeaway available 
 -Call place and pay for your order , pick up 
- or Call place and pay for your order and call when you get there and we will deliver to your car  
-Please don't dine in if you or a family member are feeling unwell 

 New menu will be on our menu page here or facebook and instagram 

Thank you for all of your support 

Kim and Craig and the Pitchfork team 


Monday to Thursday 4pm til late
Friday and Saturday 11am til late
Sundays 11am to 4pm 

Phone : 07 54713697 to reserve your table

or email bookings@pitchforkrestaurant.com.au